TWSBI Diamond 580 White RoseGold II Fountain Pen

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TWSBI Diamond 580 White RoseGold II fountain pen. Upgrade to SuperVeloce shipping for only $5 and get yours faster with discounted Priority Mail

TWSBI has been hard at work at work perfecting the rose gold plating process - one that is quite complex and labor intensive. The end result is a gorgeous rose gold finish on the hardware of this fountain pen that is also durable for everyday carry. The increased price on this Diamond 580 Smoke RoseGold II is due to this intensive plating process, which also makes for a smaller production run. 

Each TWSBI Diamond 580 Smoke RoseGold II comes in a gift box complete with wrench and silicone grease for disassembling and maintaining. Being a piston-filler, no ink cartridges or converters are needed - simply fill up using any bottle of fountain pen ink!

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