Established 2016

My goal with starting Lemur Ink was to create a gorgeous, easy to use website and resource for fountain pen enthusiasts to shop, discuss, and share the "bug" that we all have.
I started writing with fountain pens back in college, thinking it was cool and different. It didn't take long before I got hooked. I loved how fountain pens worked, how they ran across the page, and how the shading changed depending on how you wrote.
Lemur Ink is an authorized online retailer of fountain pens, ink, notebooks, and writing accessories located in Carmel, Indiana - just north of Indianapolis. For the time being it has no employees, no warehouse, and no storefront. I am the owner and the one who will be carefully packaging your order, answering your questions, and staying active in the fountain pen community - a wonderfully diverse and global one at that.
Feel free to reach out and contact me - I'd love to hear about your experience using my store, even if you didn't buy anything! If you have any suggestions for how I can improve my store, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback.
Keep staying awesome,


Conservation & A Good Cause

Lemurs may not use fountain pens, but they need the help of fountain pen users! Lemurs face the highest threat of extinction of any group of mammals on Earth. Lemur Ink supports Duke Lemur Center, a wonderful organization that began over fifty years ago and contains the world's largest and most diverse collection of lemurs outside of Madagascar. Duke Lemur Center is the leader in promoting research and understanding of lemurs, with an 85 acre sanctuary located near the Duke campus in Durham, North Carolina. Please visit their site and I hope you consider donating to this great cause, if even just a couple of bucks.