Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo - Champagne

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Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo in champagne.

Vanishing Point fountain pens feature a retractable (rear click) mechanism that reveals the 18kt gold nib through a trap door near the clip. The Vanishing Point allows for quick, one-handed operation - perfect for everyday carry. The Vanishing Point Decimo is smaller in diameter than the larger regular Vanishing Point, but features the same removable nib section, removable by unscrewing the body of the pen. 

  • Accepts proprietary Pilot ink cartridges (one included)
  • Use any bottled ink with included CON-40 converter
  • Diameter (slimmest/thickest): 10.6mm/11.7mm
  • Length: 139.5mm
  • Weight: 20.6g
  • Ink capacity with converter: 0.82ml