Lamy Dark Lilac - 50 mL Bottled Ink

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Lamy Dark Lilac 2024. A re-imagined classic in the fountain pen community.

Introduced in 2016 as a special edition, LAMY re-imagines the T 52 bottled ink in dark lilac. Now part of LAMY’S standard assortment. LAMY T 52 bottled ink 50ml, comes with an in-built roll of blotting paper around the base and ink residue collecting basin for effortless and mess free refilling of your fountain pen. Available in a variety of colors and specifically engineered to suit LAMY fountain pens.

A quick note from Lemur Ink: The 2024 Lamy Dark Lilac is a very close re-imagination of the “OG” 2016 Dark Lilac that took the world by storm. We unfortunately do not have a bottle of the original 2016 variety in our library of ink to compare, and as such, cannot comment on its authenticity. We invite you to sample this 2024 re-imagination of a classic and let us know if it is deserving of the title “Dark Lilac.”