Vinta Inks Salimbay - 30mL Bottled Ink

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Vinta Inks Salimbay 30mL bottled fountain pen ink.

Shimmer ink.

Inspired by the Lola Basyang fairytale, “Prinsipe ng mga Ibon”, this ink captures the story of a beautiful princess named Singsing who transforms into a bird to be together with her lover, Prinsipeng Ibon. 1949 is the year when the Lola Basyang comics were first printed and released.

“Plume” is a lovely bright purple ink with deeper blue undertones and a pale pretty pink shimmer.

Vinta Inks are obsessively designed and meticulously mixed. Our inks are meant for fountain pen or calligraphy use. We promise that we use the finest ingredients to make the best ink that we can.