Vinta Inks Rum Blue Island [Kaisa 1850] - 30 mL Bottled Ink

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Celebrate a rich heritage with Rum Blue Island, an ink that echoes the history of the Philippines’ oldest distillery. The light teal-blue shade is vibrant and full of life, inspired by the tropical Rum Blue Island cocktail, and comes with a hint of marine freshness.

Rum Blue Island [Kaisa 1850] is inspired by the oldest extant alcohol distillery in the Philippines, Destileria Limtuaco & Co, Inc. It was established during the Spanish colonial era by Lim Tua Co who was also known as Bonifacio Limtuaco.

This ink is an energetic light teal-blue color. A solid and uncompromising shade of teal that mimics the color of the Rum Blue Island drink.

Lemur Ink recommends using shimmering inks only in modern fountain pens which see regular use.

  • 30 mL of fountain pen ink sealed inside an amber glass bottle, packaged in a box
  • Proudly made in the Philippines
  • Shimmering ink
  • Scented ink