Retro 51 Tornado Popper Rollerball Pen - First Ride (Limited Edition)

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The Retro 51 First Ride Tornado Popper limited edition rollerball pen. 

Summer just got a lot more exciting!

Flashback... to when you worked all summer saving your paychecks in anticipation of spending that hard earned money on your “First Ride”. With the new Tornado Popper, you will be sure to take a drive down Memory Lane to that nostalgic moment you bought your very first car! There is a certain feeling of finally having your own wheels — fueled by freedom, adventure, and the excitement of the road ahead.

This Tornado rollerball was inspired by the first Mustangs to hit the roads in 1964, with elements acid-etched on the barrel and then printed with further detail and complete with a Poppy Red paint job accentuated by the polished chrome trim. This Popper is packed with a 289 cubic inch engine offered in the Mustangs, making this a limited edition of 1289 pieces. Each one has been engraved with its LE number and then topped with the hubcap on the finial. They are packaged in a gift tube with a label featuring Jeff, our CEO's late brother, Brian photographed next to his "First Ride," a '66 Mustang packed with a 289.

This pen is built to write. So, buckle up! — and race to your local dealer to buy this Tornado Popper that is sure to become a Classic.

  • Limited edition of 1289 pieces. (Significant to the 289 cubic inch engine offered in the original Mustang). 
  • Rollerball
  • Acid-etched and printed on Poppy Red lacquer
  • Chrome trim
  • Top disc imprint with "hub cap" graphic
  • Graphic on label of packaging featuring Retro 51's CEO's late brother's first ride - a 1966 Ford Mustang.
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