Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen - 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

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Platinum #3776 Century 10th Anniversary limited edition fountain pen boxed set. The 10th Anniversary #3776 Century has a new nib design which allows the fine nib to be more flexible. Each nib also has different engraving to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the #3776 Century. 

The Platinum #3776 model was developed in 1978 in collaboration with the late Mr. Haruo Umeda, a Japanese writer and fountain pen collector, in pursuit of the ideal fountain pen. Named after Mount Fuji’s altitude, Japan’s highest peak, the pen conveys the hope of the company to create the best fountain pen in the country.

Thirty-three years later, in 2011, the #3776 ‘Century’ model was launched. It was equipped with the Slip & Seal mechanism, that prevents ink from drying out, which had been an inevitable problem for a fountain pen. Its innovative design has become Platinum Pen’s iconic model and has been lovingly used by a fountain pen enthusiasts all over the world.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the #3776 Century, Platinum is launching a special limited edition to mark the new beginning of the series. Only 3,776 pieces will be produced for this model.

  • Limited to 3776 pieces
  • 14k gold nib (with new design)
  • Gold-plated trim
  • Cartridge or converter (one of each included in gift box)
  • Black resin body
  • Includes 20 mL bottle of limited edition blue ink