Pilot Vanishing Point Kanreki - (2023 Limited Edition)

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Pilot Vanishing Point Kanreki 2023 limited edition.

  • Numbered limited edition of 2,023
  • Retractable 18 kt gold, rhodium-plated black nib
  • Converter (CON-40) and blue ink cartridge included
  • Packaged in a striking matte black giftbox that features Pilot’s historical years since inception, highlighting the release year of Capless and the present year.

Pilot unveiled the world’s first retractable fountain pen with patented, precision engineering and unsurpassed elegance on October 21st, 1963. “Capless,” or Vanishing Point (in the United States), quickly became a revolutionary product in the fountain pen community.

Kanreki (還暦), in the traditional Japanese calendar, celebrates 60 years of life and renewal, based on the ancient lunar calendar. 60 years is the mark for a completed calendar cycle and symbolizes rebirth. Red is the established color that represents protection and is adorned for such a meaningful event. For 2023, Pilot proudly honors Vanishing Point with the Kanreki Limited Edition that features a symbolic red, hi-gloss finish, matte black accents, and an 18-karat gold rhodium plated, black nib. On October 21st, 2023, we invite you to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this astonishing pen with us.