Diamine Shimmer Ink - Neon Lime

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Diamine Neon Lime Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink. Neon lime fountain pen ink with silver shimmer. 

Diamine's "Shimmertastic" collection in a 50mL glass bottle. 

Produced in the UK since 1864, Diamine Ink offers a wide array of color choices and delivery systems, including various bottle sizes as well as cartridges for use in fountain pens.

Lemur Ink recommends gently shaking the bottle prior to inking your fountain pen (make sure the cap is on tight and held on with your finger)! Before writing, roll your fountain pen back and forth to ensure a more even distribution of shimmer. As with any speciality ink, be sure to flush your fountain pen if it is going to be unused for any extended period of time.