Pilot Custom 912

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The Pilot Custom 912 offers a superior writing experience with impeccable build quality, and features unique nib offerings for the discerning fountain pen enthusiast. Black resin body and silver trim, with a 14k gold nib (with silver color), and fills using an included CON-70 converter - a vacuum filler converter that operates with a push of a button. Pilot ink cartridges can also be used (one is included).

The Soft Fine nib option has semi-flex qualities to it similar to the Pilot Falcon, but not to be confused with a true flex nib. 

The FA nib, often referred to as a "Falcon" nib, is a true flex nib in every sense. Only available in North America on the Custom 912 body, the FA nib offers 

The Waverly nib is designed to be versatile for different writing angles, with varying line width depending on the angle. The (WA) Waverly nib offers something for everyone, all because a nib that is slightly flared upwards.

The Music nib is a three-tined, wet-flowing stub nib, designed (obviously) for writing music - but perfect for those wanting thick downstrokes and thin cross strokes. 

And now... the Custom 912 comes to you in a delicious Stub nib. Referred to as an "italic" nib by some, the stub nib delivers broad downstrokes and thin side-strokes.