Vinta Inks 2024 Manila Pen Show Collection

Discover Vinta's exquisite ink collection, inspired by the Philippines' rich heritage and natural beauty. Each shade tells a unique story, from Pink Afterglow [Pusan 2000], capturing the soft hues of dawn at Pusan Point, to Blue in Bloom [Tojoman 1935], reflecting the tranquil blues of Tojoman Lagoon's stingless jellyfish. Rum Blue Island [Kaisa 1850] brings the vibrant history of the Philippines’ oldest distillery, while Tequila Sunrise [Salud 1565] energizes with its dynamic, golden-shimmered citrus tones. Lastly, Red Sangria [Bahalina 1521] offers a deep wine-red shade enriched with an apple aroma, embodying the tradition of Bahalina, the coconut red wine. Perfect for collectors and writing enthusiasts seeking to infuse their work with historical and natural elegance.