Vinta Inks Sea Kelp [Leyte 1944] - 30 mL bottled ink

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Vinta Inks Sea Kelp [Leyte 1944] fountain pen ink in a 30 mL glass bottle. Vinta Inks Sea Kelp Leyte 1944 is an olive drab green fountain pen ink with great shading.

The Battle of the Leyte Gulf is where the Japanese were ultimately defeated at the end of WWII. Leyte is also one of the biggest producers of Kelp. This gentle green ink evokes the color of kelp as it floats in the bright clear seawaters of Leyte. 

Vinta Inks are obsessively designed and meticulously mixed. Our inks are meant for fountain pen or calligraphy use. We promise that we use the finest ingredients to make the best ink that we can.