Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pen - Smithsonian Vega

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Vega by Retro 51 has “rivets” acid-etched into the metal barrel with bright red lacquer finish and then top printed with the Vega’s original golden pinstripes. This twist-action rollerball pen is complete with antiqued brass accents and the Smithsonian logo on the top disc. It is packaged in a commemorative tube that doubles as a pen stand. Pick up this rollerball pen for a flight enthusiast in your life.

Amelia Earhart set two of her many aviation records in a bright red Lockheed 5B Vega. In 1932, she flew it alone across the Atlantic Ocean, then flew it nonstop across the United States - both firsts for a woman. These feats made Earhart an instant worldwide sensation and proved she was a courageous and able pilot. The Smithsonian acquired the Vega in 1966 and is on display at the National Air and Space Museum to this day.

  • Retractable rollerball with patented knurl twist-top mechanism
  • Length: 126 mm / ~5"
  • Diameter: 11.9 mm / ~0.5"'
  • Weight: 30 g / ~1 oz
  • Refillable with Retro 1951 Tornado rollerball refill
  • *Darkness of finish may vary from pen to pen*
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