Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen - Raden Galaxy

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The stunning Pilot Vanishing Point Raden Galaxy features a hand-lacquered barrel with abalone shell inlays - a traditional Japanese technique known as "raden." The Raden Vanishing Point features an 18-karat gold retractable nib with rhodium coating throughout.

Raden inventory is extremely limited, with months of waiting time until a new one arrives. If you want one - get it before it's gone!

The Vanishing Point is an excellent daily carry fountain pen and can easily be carried without fear of leaking ink or accidentally stabbing yourself with the nib! There is a trap door that covers the retractable nib, keeping the pen from drying out as well as ink from spilling.

Each Vanishing Point comes in black gift box, and includes a Pilot CON-50 converter as well as one Pilot blue ink cartridge.

The Vanishing Point accepts all of Pilot’s proprietary ink cartridges. Pair your Vanishing Point with some of the finest ink available, Pilot Iroshizuku bottled ink!

Pilot Raden Vanishing Point fountain pens are only available in fine, medium, or broad nibs.

If you purchase a Raden Vanishing Point, you will receive complimentary USPS PRIORITY shipping!