Namiki Emperor Vermillion Urushi Fountain Pen

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The Namiki Emperor Vermillion Urushi fountain pen is produced entirely within the Hiratsuka, Japan workshop and contains the some of the finest quality lacquer work available in the world. The Emperor is crafted with more than 20 process in Roiro-Urushi lacquer finish. Three months of production time was is required to complete this process.

The Namiki Emperor Vermillion Urushi fountain pen utilizes a lacquering technique in which multiple layers of Urushi (sap from Japanese lacquer trees) are applied to the pen's surface, giving it a brilliant, high-gloss sheen and durable exterior. Namiki's expert craftsmen have used this technique in fountain pen production since the company's inception in 1918. In 1925, the process was patented as Namiki's Lacquer Naito method and Namiki has since earned a reputation for producing the finest lacquer fountain pens. 

The most impressive component of the Namiki Emperor however is the gargantuan #50 size nib, containing a silhouette of Mt. Fuji as well as the signature pentagon logo of Namiki. The feed beneath this wonderfully ornate nib is matching in red lacquer. 

The Namiki Emperor Vermillion Urushi fountain pen arrives in an elegant wooden gift box and includes everything you need to begin writing - a bottle of Namiki Blue ink as well as an eyedropper for filling the pen. (Yes, this massive pen is an eyedropper and yes, Pilot really does intend for you to write with it)!

Warrantied for life to the original owner by Namiki.

A special note from Lemur Ink:  Namiki pens are produced in extraordinarily low quantities from their team of skilled artisans. Because of this, our inventory is quite limited and we cannot guarantee when we may have more back in stock. If something is shown in stock, we physically have it on hand. If it is out of stock, please contact us and we can place a special order with Namiki for you. Also, because of the special nature of these pens, returns cannot be accepted. 

  • Construction: Urushi over Ebonite
  • Nib: 18kt gold #50 
  • Eyedropper filling mechanism (bottle only)
  • Overall length: 174mm / 6.9"
  • Overall weight: 46 g