Diamine 2022 InkVent Calendar - Green Edition

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The 2022 Diamine InkVent calendar.

Diamine is bringing us all new and exciting inks for the third iteration of the super popular riff on an advent calendar. Included with each InkVent are 24 small (12 mL) bottles of fountain pen ink behind each "door," with a larger (30 mL) bottle behind the 25th door. 

All the inks are new for 2022's InkVent and consist of "standard, shimmer, scent, scent & sheen, chameleon, and chameleon & sheen."

Color names (for those wanting to plan ahead with their swatches):

Upon a Star, Flame, Bliss, Serendipity, Yule Log, Three Kings, Cosy Up, One More Step, Solar Storm, Celebration, Olive Swirl, Best Wishes, Spruce, Spiced Apple, Pick Me Up, Dusted Truffle, Silent Night, Appletini, Ghost, Alpine, Deck the Halls, Jingle Berry, Memory Lane, Arctic Blast, & Cardinal. 

According to Diamine, "chameleon" is a type of shimmer ink where the shimmer effect is much brighter than standard - and when ink is applied to the page the color changes depending on the angle of the light. (Broader nibs are encouraged to show this effect).