Blackstone Barrister Blue-Black - Ink Sample

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Blackstone Barrister Blue-Black (permanent) fountain pen ink in a 3 mL sample vial. 

Full bottles of Blackstone Barrister Blue-Black are available here.

This ink has been designed for use in fountain pens and is perfectly safe, however due to the waterproof and permanent nature of the ink, it can be difficult to remove from pens if allowed to dry out in the pen. It may also permanently stain some types of plastic pens, particularly transparent plastic pens.

Blackstone Barrister inks are well-behaved waterproof, permanent fountain pen inks made in Australia by Blackstone Ink. Blackstone Barrister Ink is 100% waterproof and is unaffected by complete immersion in water. It is fade resistant and highly resistive to bleach, alcohol and mild acids.