Visconti Mirage Mythos Fountain Pen - Apollo

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Step into a realm where artistry and mythology blend seamlessly with the Visconti Mirage Mythos Fountain Pen - Apollo, now featured in our esteemed collection. This pen is not just an instrument of writing; it's a homage to Apollo, the Olympian god famed for his dominion over the arts, music, poetry, and the sciences. But beyond these well-known attributes, Apollo's guardianship extends to the pastoral, as a protector of shepherds and their flocks, infusing this pen with the essence of rustic tranquility and vigilance.

Apollo's lore is rich with tales of musical mastery and divine competition, where his prowess with the lyre set the standard for artistic excellence. This pen embodies that spirit of divine contest, crafted for those who seek to channel Apollo's legendary artistic and narrative precision onto their canvases and pages. With its design inspired by Apollo's various symbols — the Sun, the lyre, the bow and arrow — the pen captures the breadth of his influence, from the rustic to the celestial.

Featuring a luxurious large steel nib, made in Germany and plated in yellow gold vermeil, the Mirage Mythos Apollo ensures a writing experience that is both sublime and smooth, perfect for crafting stories, poems, or even the next great musical score. The brass grip, finished in a soft brushed satin, offers a comfortable hold that encourages prolonged creative sessions, while the new center ring, engraved with "MYTHOS" and a stylized "V," serves as a constant reminder of the heights to which creativity can soar, much like Apollo's ascent to Mount Olympus.

The pen's distinctive brown with bronze shading not only reflects Apollo's association with the Sun but also pays tribute to his role as a pastoral deity, offering a piece that is as versatile and complex as the god it represents. It is a tool designed for those who not only appreciate the beauty of Greek mythology but also embody the qualities of Apollo himself: creativity, protection, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Visconti Mirage Mythos Fountain Pen - Apollo invites you to embark on a journey of creative exploration, guarded by the divine shepherd and inspired by the muses of music and poetry. It is more than a pen — it is a conduit to the divine, a testament to the enduring legacy of one of mythology's greatest patrons of the arts.

  • New center ring engraved with the inscription, MYTHOS and a V to emulate a stylized Mount Olympus
  • Brass grip section in satin finish
  • Large #6 steel nib made in Germany by Schmidt with yellow gold vermeil finish
  • Includes converter for use with bottled ink
  • Accepts international short cartridges
  • Includes Visconti gift box