Nahvalur Original Plus Spring Fountain Pen

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Nahvalur Original Plus Spring Fountain Pen. A limited edition fountain pen for 2024 made from acrylic and featuring swirls of blue and green throughout the robust vacuum-filler.

Following the success of Narwhal Original Series debuted in 2019, Nahvalur is taking this series further. Nahvalur Original Plus series maintain the affordable price point while upgrading the filling system from a piston to a vacuum system. This series still features the in-house developed No. 6 stainless steel nib. 

  • Finish: Translucent Acrylic
  • Trim and Clip: Green
  • Nib: No. 6 stainless steel
  • Filling System: Vacuum (bottled ink fill only)
  • Pen Length, closed: 5.77 in. / 146.5 mm
  • Pen Length, open, cap off: 5.24 in. / 133 mm
  • Pen Length, open, cap posted: cap post
  • Pen Diameter, barrel: 0.53in. / 13.5 mm
  • Pen Diameter, section: 0.43 in. / 11 mm
  • Pen Total Weight: 0.9oz. / 27 g
  • Included in a Nahvalur gift box