Colorverse Gluon Glistening (30 mL Bottled Ink)

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Colorverse Gluon Glistening 30 mL bottled fountain pen ink, a green-gold color with rose-bronze shimmer.

A series of six glistening fountain pen inks from Colorverse in 30 mL glass bottles, which include: Cat, Gluon, Brane, Ham, Felicette, and Hayabusa. 

Lemur Ink recommends gently shaking the bottle prior to inking your fountain pen (make sure the cap is on tight and held on with your finger)! Before writing, roll your fountain pen back and forth to ensure a more even distribution of shimmer. As with any specialty ink, be sure to flush your fountain pen if it is going to be unused for any extended period of time.

Made in Korea.

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